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Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone introduces RFID management system to fight for technological innovation

Speaking of the development of China's high-tech industries, those high-tech industrial cities must be inseparable. As a newly emerging technology city, Tianjin New City has gradually deepened its technological research, and many industries that were once monopolized by foreign countries have begun to unveil and enter the stage of independent production in my country. In order to better enter the role, Tianjin New District began to introduce a high-end management system-the Internet of Things RFID system.
Not long ago, workers in the production workshop of Goodrich Aviation Structures China Service Co., Ltd., located in the airport area of ​​the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, were carrying out bonded maintenance of an aircraft aviation structure. After the customs staff scanned the QR code to verify the information, the repaired parts were smoothly exported to the headquarters of the airline where the aircraft was located.
Liu Jie, general manager of Goodrich Aviation Structures China Service Co., Ltd., said that at the beginning of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, it takes about 3 days for maintenance parts to enter and exit. The introduction of the RFID system of the Internet of Things to the tracking of aviation maintenance parts has reduced the customs clearance time from the traditional 3 working days to less than half an hour.
"The key to aviation maintenance lies in the word'fast', because a one day stoppage of an aircraft will cost airlines hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Whoever can respond quickly will have the initiative in the market." Liu Jie told reporters, “The rapid development of the company’s business has largely benefited from the continuous institutional innovation and deepening reforms in the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, the centralized declaration of batch entry and exit of aviation maintenance parts, and the rapid entry and exit of emergency aviation maintenance parts. These policies have reduced our average annual entry and exit costs by more than 50%, doubled our profits, and greatly enhanced our market competitiveness."
The accelerated development of Tianjin's aviation maintenance industry is a microcosm of the city's accelerated implementation of the "Further Deepening of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone Reform and Opening Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Deep Reform Plan"). Since the implementation of the "Deep Reform Plan" at the end of May this year, at the end of August, all responsible units in the city have completed a total of 33 tasks, accounting for 39% of the 2018 tasks (84 tasks), and the remaining 95 tasks have been actively promoted as planned.
Try boldly, venture boldly, and change independently. The reform tentacles of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone continue to extend to the "deep water zone." The new achievements born in the further deepening of reform have allowed many market players in the region to enjoy free trade dividends.
Be a "Experimental Field" to Promote High-quality Development——Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone deepens reforms and accelerates
In the Tianjin Port East Xinjiang area of ​​the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, the pace of actively exploring new models of leasing business has never stopped. Today, on average, nearly 20 aircraft leasing operations are completed every month, making it the second largest aircraft leasing gathering place after Ireland. At the end of last year, the Tianjin Gangdongjiang area received a business consultation from a Beijing leasing company to carry out export leasing and offshore leasing, which is a new topic for the domestic financial leasing industry. With the joint efforts of various departments such as finance, taxation, and external management, a series of problems such as aircraft asset disposal, passenger aircraft conversion and dismantling were overcome, and financial solutions were tailored for customers to complete this leasing business.
The chairman of a leasing company said: "My feeling in Tianjin is that the department always puts the interests of the company first, because this transaction is for an Airbus A380 aircraft, and the customer is Emirates, and it is also a global one. The successful completion of this transaction has rapidly expanded the company’s reputation and further expanded our business.”
But just a few years ago, the emerging thing of aircraft leasing still faced many obstacles restricting its development. The project manager of China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Co., Ltd. told reporters: “Remember that in 2015, the aircraft leasing company encountered certain difficulties when introducing aircraft to the Dongjiang area, because the regulatory requirements for aircraft to actually enter the area, and there is no airport here. , Without a runway, it cannot meet the requirements."

In response to this problem, Tianjin Customs has carried out ice-breaking reforms in accordance with the policies of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and innovated the measures of linkage supervision, taking advantage of the airstrips in the Tianjin Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Dongjiang Free Trade Zone Customs, Free Trade Zone Customs, Tianjin The airport customs used information technology to realize data docking and supervisory linkage. In this way, the plane enters the customs at Tianjin Airport, goes through the customs clearance procedures at the customs of the Dongjiang Free Trade Port Area, and handles the formalities for the entry of the physical goods at the customs of the bonded area. The financial leasing industry in Xinjiang has been further strengthened.
"Online overseas procurement, online financial services, online wholesale and retail, unified distribution and settlement, offline experience, standardized car inspection, and off-site delivery", after more than half a year of testing in Binhai Auto City located in Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone BAE Automotive’s new retail e-commerce platform was officially launched recently, marking the beginning of the era of e-commerce in the parallel-imported auto industry. As one of the characteristic industries in the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, Tianjin’s parallel-imported cars have already accounted for more than 75% of the total. Service platform, explore and carry out rectification and reform of parallel imported car standards, build parallel imported car big data, sales and pricing venues, etc.
Be a "Experimental Field" to Promote High-quality Development——Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone deepens reforms and accelerates
Today, as the reform of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone continues to deepen, the completion and delivery of Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft, Bombardier business jet services and other aviation companies are accelerating the gathering, financial leasing, commercial factoring and other financial industries are booming, and Tianjin port parallel imports The feasibility study and overall construction plan of big data indexes such as the price index of automobile best-selling models, industry inventory coefficient, and market prosperity index have been established, and the market price quotation table has been basically completed. The investment of RFID tags has made aviation intelligent management more convenient.
In the next step, the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone will start from the perspective of cultivating emerging industries, clarify innovation points, supporting policies and reform demands, vigorously develop cutting-edge emerging technologies and smart industries, as well as industrial finance, innovative finance and emerging trade formats, and strengthen cooperation with The linkage of the city's positioning in the three districts of the base provides assistance for the city's high-quality development. If you want to prosper, you must not do without your own development. The soft power of the economy and the hard power of science and technology are both indispensable. For more RFID tag related introduction, please pay attention to rfid tag manufacturer YX IOT.


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